Time to Reflect

It’s now 2020 and a strange year indeed with many of us being locked down with the Covid-19 virus doing its best to destroy humanity.

So many businesses cannot operate and this will definitely hit our economy in the medium and long-term. Some tradesman like builders, landscapers and most outdoor workers can carry on, but office workers are encouraged to work at home – even after 4 months of lockdown. But with some companies reopening for businesses and offices filling with those who would rather work in the company of their workmates, factories, offices and indoor jobs are coming back to life.

As you know, time means a lot to me, so on lockdown we felt we had to do something to make good use of the one resource we can’t replace. So we made a plan to do some building renovations on our old bothy. It would be well over 100 years old I think and well in need of some love and attention. Time was well spent and after 3 months of hard work, we had turned the little out house to a whole new purpose.

With the extension that was added to the side of the bothy some 70 years ago, it was big enough for Horsham Building Contractors to turn it into a nice little garden building suitable for a small office or even a spare bedroom. We decorated the inside by painting it white to reflect light, then hanging cute little curtains at the small windows, laying wooden flooring and furnishing the bothy with recycled furniture. Actually more upcycled because the result was spectacular and we’re more than pleased with our new project.

As well as taking on this conversion, we spent a lot of time re-evaluating what we were doing with our lives and planning for the years ahead. A good time to reflect and regroup our thoughts and future.