Second Hand

Since I was a child I was fascinated with time. I remember spending hours in our family home staring at the grandfather clock that stood in the hallway, trying to figure out how it all worked. How the second hand kept going, the pendulum kept swinging, and how it did all of this without being plugged into the wall. I would count out seconds with each minute gone by, and wait for the chime every hour. I’m sure that to my parents, it must have been weird to have a child who would just sit there and stare at the clock for hours on end, but I’m sure it’s just as bad as kids today staring at the television for hours on end.

alarm clockThere was something about the mechanics of clocks that always grabbed my attention, and the older I got, and the more I understood some things, the more confused I actually became about how clocks worked. I remember having this open gear system alarm clock, and just watching in awe at all the moving parts required to simply turn three hands on a face. But all of this done with high accuracy, to the point of only losing a few minutes every few years, this was a cheap alarm clock after all, not a high quality Swiss design or something of the like.

Growing up throughout the years, my birthday and Christmas wish lists were always topped by time pieces. Whether watches or clocks of all shapes and sizes. I had amassed quite the collection by the time I was in college. When I moved out of the house to get my engineering degree, I left a lot of these behind in storage. Coming back after my tenure in school, I had grown my collection while on my own, and had the greatest time going through all the boxes to reopen all of these gifts that I had received over the years, it was like getting all new gifts all over again, the memory and wonder coming back with each piece I came across that I hadn’t seen in ages.

After graduating from school, degree in hand, I could have immediately gotten into engineering work, but I was still in love with clocks. After spending a lot of time researching, I found an apprenticeship program in Switzerland for clock making under master artists. It was pricey and it was across the planet, but it was something I couldn’t turn down. So after going through a lengthy application process, and getting a whole lot of paperwork done, I found myself on a plane heading to the land of the most elaborate and master built clocks in the world. I was more excited for this journey than anything else I had done in my life, and marvelled at the path of pursuit that my dreams had taken me to by this point, wondering where I was going to go next with all that I would learn while I was there.

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